Covid 19 Positive Health Workers !!! Preventive Promotive Failure

The positive Covid-19 rapid test on nearly hundreds of health workers at the puskesmas is a signal of our promotive and preventive failure at the primary level.

In handling covid-19 all agreed that promotive and preventive are very important and have a very decisive role.

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Why are hundreds of positive positive tests considered as indicators of our preventive promotive failure?

Promotive and preventive are efforts to provide a deep understanding to active efforts to prevent.

In the covid-19 context, these promotive and preventive efforts are considered successful if at least 80% of the community in the puskesmas work area understands the definition, causes and all related matters to the understanding of the importance of prevention of transmission even to how to prevent transmission. Not only that, they must be able to do actively even be able to educate the surrounding environment to be able to do the same thing.

The dishonesty of the public in providing information to medical personnel is also evidence of our promotive and preventive failures. Dishonesty more people depart from the lack of understanding of this disease, sure dishonesty some of these people do not depart from the evil intentions to spread the virus.

This paper is not intended to delegate errors to medical officers or agencies related to promotion and prevention, but further becomes self-criticism and a muhasabah themselves to then determine the pace of the next step.

Our promotive and preventive failures must be the first step to step back for a moment to fix our promotive and preventive systems at the puskesmas level, get up and tidy up.

Health workers who have positive rapid tests must get more attention, maximum independent isolation support, psychological support, attention to their families to the next medical procedure that they must undergo and be treated like VVIP patients. They are the front guard who are still expected to work.

While doing so, the puskesmas must immediately be resurrected, refreshed and function with the remaining health workers. Arm them with a complete and standardized PPE, re-educate the public (read: force) with cross-sectoral support so that we can all equate steps against this strong and invisible enemy.

Our preventive promotive failure must be the starting point for thinking that the next stage must be further strengthened. Curative rehabilitative, yes curative and rehabilitative should not be weak and fully supported.

Evaluate and reinforce the screening system before entering the hospital, the patient transport system, isolation space that must be sufficient and standardized is a fixed price. Health workers, especially those in isolation, must be monitored and again, full attention must be paid by those responsible.

Medical officers in isolation are valuable beings now, are there officials out there who are willing to leave their families for at least a month to take care of others with lives at stake? , if they don’t exist then let’s support them, pay attention to them. APD support and other standardized equipment must be a priority.

These four points; promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative are maximally strengthened. The war drums had been tabled, abstinence of a knight to retreat and the great commander would understand what his soldiers needed.

Report : Ahmad Hadiwijaya,MD



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